Whoever stops wanting to be better
has ceased to be good.
Oliver Cromwell

As a trainer I bring your employees forward​​​​​​​

Acquiring new knowledge or skills takes time, patience and a clear goal. With a customized and transfer-effective seminar, workshop or training, content can be conveyed and behaviors can be practiced and consolidated.

For whom: The offers are aimed at you as a company if you would like to offer your employees a customized training concept or individual training sequences.

Duration: Depending on the topic and group size from 1/2 day to several days.

LIVE implementation: I travel for seminars. To your company or to a suitable, external location.

ONLINE implementation: With ZOOM I can reach you and your employees all over the world online. With over 200 hours of online experience and seminar groups of up to 60 people, I can also offer you an exciting digital program.

Languages: English and German.​​​​​​​

References and customer testimonials (in German only)

My Core Topics

Please contact me for further topics
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Life Balance
When we find ways to work at our own pace, manage our time well, and know how to refuel briefly and effectively at work, we will get more done with less effort. The benefits are higher productivity, better health, and greater satisfaction at work and in our private life.
​​​​​​​Possible focus topics for your customized offer:
  • Time and priority management
  • Self-resources & personal energy management
  • Resilience
Service-oriented communication
Whether in direct sales, on the phone or in contact with customers and guests, listening and understanding is the key to positive communication with people. In order to appear service-oriented and be strong in sales, we must always focus on our customers, show them genuine interest and value them.

Possible focus topics for your customized offer:
  • Dealing with customers on the phone
  • Selling in tourism
  • Guest service

​​​​​​​Procedure and values

Successful training begins with thorough preparation. In a comprehensive kick off meeting, we clarify the initial situation, your needs and goals, and the degree of transfer effectiveness. Based on this, you will receive a customized proposal. If necessary, this will be adjusted until it suits you and me.

These values are important to me in my work as a trainer:

collaborative & dynamic - finding new ways to achieve goals together with you and the participants. Learning should be perceived as a positive experience, in order to be able to initiate self-motivated changes on this basis.

flexible, goal-oriented & practical - I design tailor-made and well-balanced offers, align them in a company-conform and uncomplicated way and convey them in a professional and realizable way.

effective & sustainable - the transfer effect of my offers should be noticeable and visible, together we define ways to ensure sustainability.