DiSG® doesn't point out what you do,
but how you do it.


For years I have been working convincingly with DiSG®, especially in seminars, and have found that a DiSG® profile really helps people to understand their own behavior even better, to improve communication and to optimize cooperation with others. 

DiSG® can be ideally used in the following topics and areas:
  • Communication / collaboration within teams, with customers or suppliers
  • Sales / Negotiation
  • Potential recognition / personnel selection
  • Management / Leadership
  • Team building / team development
  • Coaching of executives 

Your benefit with DiSG®

For you as an individual
  • You recognize what appreciative communication means.
  • You understand yourself and your own reactions better.
  • You recognize that other people do not act wrongly, but only have different motivating factors.
  • You learn to communicate with others in such a way that they understand you better.
  • They recognize strengths and weaknesses equally.
  • They know what they need to do to improve their performance.
For you as an organization
  • You avoid friction losses.
  • You achieve goals faster thanks to better communication.
  • You increase productivity and effectiveness.
  • You implement changes more quickly and at the same time manage them in a targeted manner.
  • You uncover performance potential.
  • You improve team constellations.
  • You support employees in organizing and managing themselves better.

Good to know
  • DiSG® Profiles are available in different languages.
  • The evaluation is sent to you electronically.
  • A profile can be purchased with or without an evaluation interview.