ViQ ® is the key
to the unconscious personality

ViQ®​​​​​​​ Visual Questionnaire

Did you know that up to 95 percent of all decisions we humans make are made in the unconscious (System I)?

It is our unconscious knowledge that steers us like an autopilot. It makes us find things good or bad, easy or difficult, makes us accept or reject something. These processes, which are so fundamental to human decision-making behavior, run implicitly in neuropsychological terms and can therefore only be measured by means of an implicit test. 

The ViQ® is based on 17 years of research on the valid measurement and analysis of the essential unconscious personality traits. The visual method - the Visual Questionnaire(ViQ®) - is the world's most conductive test that can measure them. The ViQ® test is not transparent and works internationally and cross-culturally. 

Typologies have existed since Hippocrates. Since then, human beings have changed little. That is why the models are still very similar today. The four types we present here go back to C. G. Jung. NeuroIPS® has been enriched by the Osnabrück personality theory of Prof. J. Kuhl and the research of Prof. Dr. David Scheffer and his teams.

Different types

They are performance-conscious, realistic, precise and reliable. Their particular strengths are their accuracy and their ability to organize things. They work systematically, make decisions from a critical distance - factually and logically, based on facts. They appreciate good preparation and a consistent
level of performance. People of this type like to preserve and maintain what works and has proven itself.

They think big, are self-determined, consistent and curious. They seek independence, freedom and the opportunity to manage things on their own. They do not avoid conflicts and do not dwell on details. They can structure things well, foresee consequences and pour all information into a strategy concept. Their ability to control emotions enables them to make decisions even under pressure. In this way, they create a sense of security for themselves and others.
They are practical, trustworthy and understanding. They like rituals and are always in the here and now. Harmonious relationships are very important to this group of people. Many associations, cooperatives, but also companies, owe their constancy to the SF types. They are there when they are needed and are characterized by their friendliness, sociability and loyalty. They do their work systematically and sometimes masterfully - accurate down to the last detail. Characteristic is their highly developed sense of both their own and other people's feelings.

They are communicative, spontaneous, holistic, unconventional and artistic. They pick up on new trends - or set them. They are idealistic, look for something special and are fascinated by the possibilities that life offers. Individual-creative types are attentive people and interested in their outside world. Further development is very important to them. They value authenticity and an inner attitude. Instinctively, they know how to inspire people. They have the proverbial seventh sense.

How do you perceive your environment and what criteria do you use to make decisions? Do you tend to find yourself in one of these types? Or do you have shares of several types? Determine your core type in five minutes with the ViQ® Visual Questionnaire Test.

The detailed evaluation of the individual personality dimensions (six-factor variables) will be sent to you afterwards. If you wish, we can also arrange an evaluation interview.